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An Age of Liberation

In this age of liberation, there is little left that is sacred. In fact, the very idea of 'liberation' is inherently its contrary. This is because the liberation is not content with ignorance of the sacred. It seeks to destroy it.

Opposition to culture is nothing new. Such 'counterculture' movements have been around as long as the recognition of culture itself. Yesteryear's Martin Luther is today's Bernie Sanders.

As defined by Merriam-Webster, culture is defined as:

'The customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group'

This is to say, culture is what is seen as normal. If this is that case, then counterculture would be the direct opposite of and in opposition to what is 'normative.'

Now then with this established, what is it exactly that the counterculture of today is trying to do away with? Who exactly are the members of the counterculture movement?

Well, fortunately, they don't exactly conceal themselves.

The Counterculture of Today

The members of today' counterculture differ little from those seen in decades. As it pertains to America, the counterculture of the present is little more than a continuation one first seen in the early 1960s.

Like it's predecessor, the modern movement focuses on the issues of peace, love, and freedom, and expands them. The current movement has taken hold of America, with relative 'success' in the causes of abortion, drug use, and, free-love.

As previously mentioned, any counterculture worth its salt is faced with a pervading culture at first more powerful. What is it then that counterculture movements in America have faced? Well, they will have faced that which stands against the causes of abortion, drug use, and, free-love.

They will have faced Christianity.

Now, to clarify, though the opposition can be directly aimed at the institution of Christianity, it is more accurate in this instance to state they stand in opposition to the Judeo-Christian values the United States was founded on.</a></em></span> </p>

<p>This is no surprise. Opposition to the values has been ever-present in this world. In fact, an 'anti-christian sentiment', if you will, has been the default for the vast majority of history.

A Progressive Message

Many often forget Jesus' message during his time was 'progressive' in its own right. Ironically, Jesus' message was one of peace, love, and freedom. Crucially, however, his values differ in their understanding and implementation.

Peace, as seen in the counterculture, is found in the absence of external conflict; in Christianity, it is found with the presence of internal stillness. Love in the counterculture is found in the sharing of one's body on desire; in Christianity, it is only shared with one, and that is enough. The freedom of the counterculture is in the indulgence of earthly trappings; in Christianity, it is in the rejection of the material.

To compare these is to contrast; to find them in direct opposition. To be Christian is to go against the impulses of the flesh.

Natural Impulse

So, what are we left with? Well, we find that what this counterculture movement truly is, is a reversion to a past reality. Such movements serve the sole purpose of rejecting the current ideology for something more 'inclusive.' To gain a certain victory over that which oppresses them.

But, perchance the enemy is not the one they presuppose.

The Bible clearly outlines, as do many other holy books, the danger of our own selfish impulse. The line runs thus:

"The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?"

~Jeremiah 17:9

Perhaps the real enemy cannot be found from without, but rather is within - hidden in the depths of their own heart.

For to be a member of the counterculture today is to give in to licentiousness, sodomy, and all manner of debauchery - it is the acceptance and normalization of what was in a more civilized age seen as disordered.

Its to give into base impulses and animalistic urges. It is not in the seeking of righteousness but in the seeking of vainglory that these acts are shared with 'pride.'

What glory or truth is there to be found in such acts? What great battle is won, in the surrendering of one's virtue? Where is the triumph to be found, in the giving in to the urges we feel?

It is in strife that great men are tempered - not pleasure. Our personal struggles are the crucible in which we might be formed better, made new. Often our impulses only serve to quench that flame.

There is much talk today of restoring the culture of America. If such a thing is to ever take place, it must start in the ways that we conduct ourselves in society.

If we wish to progress, rather than regress, we must first cast away our infirmities - and reject our impulses.

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