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The Modern College Experience

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Countless articles have already been written regarding the political indoctrination found within college classrooms, however in this article I will cover a subtler form of indoctrination - namely the degenerate moral environment the average college student is immersed in. This is the modern college experience.

Freedom in College and Poor Moral Formation

Now, as a current student at a certain premier American college, I speak from experience when I say that colleges are less places of learning, and more places of degeneracy. During my time in college, I've had the chance to observe the everyday lives of my fellow college students and speak with them regarding their various personal values. What I've discovered is that 9/10 students have the same moral values; or rather, I should say lack thereof. Whether this is the result of peer pressure, or wider social pressure, I cannot say, however what I do know is that a contributing factor to this is the freedom one gains in college.

The majority of students are degenerate.

Don't take me the wrong way - college students aren't monsters - but their morality is sorely lacking, amounting to little more than pitiful maxims like "be kind" and "as long as it doesn't hurt anybody it's ok." As I've said, I believe the newfound freedom experience by many college students certainly plays a part. It appears that for the majority of students such freedom is a license to do whatever they want - instead of a call to responsibility. So, taking into account this newfound freedom and a lack of solid guiding principles the degeneracy I've come to observe is no surprise.

During my observations, I've found that there are three principle manifestations of this college degeneracy: in dress, mannerism, and competency. In each of these categories students display their poor moral formation, as we will see.

Dress: Immodesty, Laziness, Effeminacy

A simple look at the dress (or rather lack thereof) of the majority of college students is the most apparent manifestation of the degeneracy found on college campuses. Put simply, women wear clothing ranging from immodest to straight swimwear, while the men either look like they just rolled out of bed or raided their mothers closet. Now, this doesn't describe every college student, but it does accurately describe the vast majority.

The degeneracy of this dress should be more than apparent. For the women, immodest dress reflects the objectification of women in our pornified culture, and our obsession with sex. For the men, their lazy and effeminate wear reflects our cultures rejection of manhood for comfort and pleasure. For both, it highlights the priorities of the average college student, which certainly leaves no room for morality.

Mannerism: Immaturity

Degeneracy in mannerisms manifests in a variety of way, and I separate it from dress as it is not something as immediately apparent, but is discovered over time. The most oft cited of these degenerate mannerisms is the college party culture, rife with drug use, drinking, and premarital sex. Now, this is bad enough, and in my observation widely practiced, but just as unfortunate as the party culture is the day to day interactions between students. Specifically, extremely prevalent among both genders in everyday interaction is a relative lack of maturity. Speech is crass and expletive filled, more concern is placed on date nights than study nights, and conversation is rarely, if ever, edifying.

College students lack of maturity, like their unfortunate dress habits, seems to stem from the same issues of a pornified culture, and an embrace of what is comfortable and pleasurable. It is hard to have good manners, to speak well, and to live an edifying life - thus the average college student doesn't bother.

Competency: Poor Critical Thinking and Moral Judgment

Now, the degeneracy in college students competency is not so much found in what they can do, but rather in what they are unable to do. Distinct from mannerism, competency in this context describes the mental abilities of college students. In my own experience, academic proficiency is not the issue; rather it is the students apparent inability to think critically, and to make sound moral judgements. This is manifest primarily through the means mentioned previously, in dress and mannerism. If college students even had a modicum of competency, then it would be seen clearly in their morality.


I wish I could have better things to say about the modern college experience in America. Unfortunately, there is little good to say about it. What I failed to mention in this article (but what I must make mention of here) is the few good people who do attend college. They do exist, and they avoid practicing any of the the above degenerate actions, However they are in a very, very small minority. If you don't go looking for good people, you won't stumble across them.

Hence, the modern college experience can be summed up thusly: the degenerate wishes it would last forever; the moral person cant wait for it to end.

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