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Porous Mexican Border

The Mexican-American subculture is not earning its keep. At least that what people tell the friends they trust. It’s easy to dispel this as racism, except it is the Mexican-American subculture that is voicing this concern. As such, only Mexican-Americans can solve this problem - not other Americans and not the government. The realistic solution is simple. This issue will remain unchanged unless the border is sealed, and measured immigration is sustained. Before you jump to the “that’s racist, lets protest the truth” knee-jerk response, hear me out.

Other Subcultures, With Similar Obstacles

So, how will a sealed border help solve the problem? To answer this question, we simply need to take a closer look at other American subcultures, like the Asian Indians, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Filipinos, etc. These American subcultures are faced with similar obstacles when they legally migrate to America, yet our jails are not filled with them, they excel at school, and by extension they earn their keep. In fact, these subcultures excel in so many areas, that it’s easy to forget that they are minorities. But why?

How is it that subcultures, faced with similar assimilation obstacles as Mexican immigrants, diverge? Because the Pacific Ocean serves as a sealed boarder between their country and America. As a result, their only option is legal immigration. Legal immigration forces only their professionals and skilled labor force to cross – not the jail prone and the sloths - and America as a whole, benefits from it. It’s typical for Mexican illegals that are deported on a Friday to be back in town the following Monday. The porous border between America and Mexico allows this, the Pacific Ocean does not.

Well-Intended, Yet Uninformed

Many people cry out, “Part of this country once belonged to Mexico.” Although this is certainly true, it is equally irrelevant. If the part of this country that they refer to still belonged to Mexico, individuals would illegally cross the center of Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico to get into America. Unfortunately, the politicians, special interest groups, protesters and other well-intended, yet uninformed, individuals answer the cry by offering public services in exchange for Mexican-American votes – and the issue imbeds itself with no real solution.

So, how do Mexican-Americans solve the image of not earning their keep? The answer – by supporting legal immigration and speaking out against illegal immigration. This balanced approach will allow more professionals and skilled labor to cross from Mexico – and less of the jail prone and the sloths.

Proverbial Hook

In addition, humans are seeking a new life in America because of their mistreatment at the hands of the Mexican government. Protesting at the footsteps of the Mexican capitol is the most rational response. Putting pressure on America to solve Mexico’s problems, by advocating for illegal immigration, is a short-sighted solution to a long-term problem. For true reform, America must stop letting Mexico off the proverbial hook by allowing a porous Mexican border.

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